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Battle Droids Crew

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A Belgium based breaking factory

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Do you want to start breaking?

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Since the summer of 2022, Battle Droids Crew has a new home: SCRATCH

 Sint Bernardsesteenweg 113, 2060 Kiel. 

Here Battle Droids Crew joins forces to set up an ambitious project.



AGT Allstars: After winning Belgium's Got Talent, our Mini Droids were invited to Hollywood for America's Got Talent Allstars, with got talent winners from all over the world!

The Greatest Dancer: Did you see kiran and Melvin at the greatest Dancer? Two of our smallest dancers put on a great show! Check out our "backstage" video to learn more.

BOTY Central Europe : Battle Droids won BOTY central europe! That means both groups get to go to Osaka, Japan for the World Finals! If our kids win the BOTY this year it will be our 3rd world title at Battle Of The Year.

Scratch: Home sweet home! Battle Droids has a new home! Scratch in Kiel will become our HQ from now on. We are also expanding our class offerings to include tricking, popping and much more!


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