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Are you looking for a showcase

 for your event, party or opening of your store?

We the Battle Droids and/or the Mini Droids can help you with that!

Breakdance breakdance België breaking mini droids mini droids breakdance mini droids battle droids crew Belgium’s got talent mini droids Samuel belgium’s got talent mini droids BGT Samuel BGT breakdance les belgie breakdance les antwerpen breakdance les Deurne breakdance les Diest breakdance les Ekeren breakdance les geel breakdance les wommelgem breakdance les Wuustwezel breakdance les turnhout breaking belgie 

Showcase with full crew

Enjoy a spectacular 3 to 10-minute showcase performed by a minimum of 8 of our best dancers. Ideal for an event with a large stage

Battle droids crew booking show group photo


3 to 10-minute

Mini droids crew bgt


Performance + meet & greet

Showcase Mini Droids

Did you see our Mini Droids on "Belgium's got talent"? You can book them for your event for a dazzling performance and a "meet & greet".


Would you like a workshop for your event or birthday party?



workshop with crew member of choice

Booking battle droids crew


Workshop + freestyle showcase

Breaking demo

A two-part act with 4 dancers where you learn all about breaking accompanied by demonstrations, then we finish with a beautiful choreo with our craziest moves. 

Are you looking for something more personal to your event?

Let us know!

Thnx for the request!

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