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About us 

The story

The Battle Droids factory and crew  was started by Samuel Revell AKA "Coach Sambo" in 2012 with the motivation of becoming the first school to train breakers and boys from 0 to give them access to a professional level of breaking and not wanting new bboys and breakers to experience the same struggle of becoming strong and successful breakers without having the proper tools and guidance from an actual coach.  

This vision eventually led to coach sambo training an army of "droids" who are on their way to not only dominate the Belgian breaking scene but dominating the breaking and commercial scene all over the world.

Breakdance breakdance België breaking mini droids mini droids breakdance mini droids battle droids crew Belgium’s got talent mini droids Samuel belgium’s got talent mini droids BGT Samuel BGT breakdance les belgie breakdance les antwerpen breakdance les Deurne breakdance les Diest breakdance les Ekeren breakdance les geel breakdance les wommelgem breakdance les Wuustwezel breakdance les turnhout breaking belgie 

Meet The Crew

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